Industry Services: Transport

Since 1984, Reyfields Investigators have represented over 300 international haulage companies, and 3 major uk based oil companies, in the investigation of fuel card fraud and abuse throughout the uk and mainland europe.

Reyfields Investigators also undertake “goods in transit” theft investigations, trailer and vehicle theft and warehouse security surveys.

As part of our service we can undertake debtor/customer tracing and bona fides checks.

In the highly competitive business of road haulage operations many of our transport company clients take on new business without checking out the bona fides of the individual or company.

In many cases the transport company clients will proceed with the collection of the new customer’s goods and transport the loads to wherever it is destined, uk or mainland europe.

However when our clients submit their invoice the cheque gets returned ‘refer to drawer’ or is simply not paid.

We are able to carry out a full company, individual or non-limited company search within a few minutes and advise our clients as to the credit worthiness of potential customers, ensuring that if the contract is taken up by our client then there should be no problems in payment after collection of their goods and delivery.