This service is highly beneficial to a prospective house purchaser.

The old saying ‘you can’t choose your neighbours’ must these days now be changed to ‘you can choose your neighbours’.

There can be nothing worse than purchasing a new house and then a few weeks after moving in discover that your next door neighbours or indeed several of your nearby neighbours are, as the saying goes ‘neighbours from hell’.

We class the investigations we carry out as house detectives as peace of mind exercises to potential house buyers. We attend the area near to the prospective property purchase at varying times of the day and night and at weekends and if at all possible during children’s holiday periods to monitor the street activity, noise levels and the like. We discreetly interview people near to the subject property and enquire as to any effective neighbourhood watch programme in operation, the level of crime in the road and such like and also make enquiries through our local contacts including the Police with regards to the official crime rate for this particular road and area.

We also look into any anti social behaviour activities, off street parking problems and whether the road can or is used as a short cut for school runs or early morning rush to work routes .

Reyfields being members of a specialist network of professional investigators around the UK are able to offer all our clients a genuine National service relative to pre property purchase investigations at the same rate no matter where the potential property is being considered as a purchase.

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