This service is one of our areas of expertise, and one we specifically specialise in. Over the last 20 years we have assisted many clients to trace both their birth Mother and birth Father.

It is a particular service we are very proud of and get a great deal of satisfaction in being able to help clients in this very sensitive area, ensuring our investigations and researches are always conducted with the upmost discretion, confidential tailor made service.

Being mindful of costs, we are also very aware that some clients although being desperate to find their birth Mother and Father, are not always in a position to pay out sums of cash to finance the work, and we have therefore been able to supply an initial free starter service to clients, to check out what information the client holds is sufficient for us to start the work on, and then without any obligation to the client, undertake initial research, duly reporting back to the client how we consider our success rate will be and then leave the matter with the client to decide if he or she would like us to proceed with the investigation.

Once the parent has been traced we offer an additional service whereby we will make a very discreet and direct physical approach upon the parent and on behalf of the client, identify ourselves, and tactfully enquire if the parent would be willing to be contacted by their birth child.
This direct approach and how we talk to the parent has been very carefully “fine- tuned” over the years we have been engaged on this type of work, and not once has a successfully traced parent totally rejected our approach. We then, with the traced parent, agree a time, date and place for the initial meeting to take place, or arrange a telephone or email exchange between the parent and our client.

Natural Siblings Tracing

During the course of our investigations and research relative to Birth parent Tracing we usually come across blood siblings or half- brother and half- sisters of our clients, and, these additional findings are submitted to the clients with no additional charges being incurred.