Reyfields are specialists in the investigation, detection and counter measure operations for anti social behaviour activities.

Already acting for the majority of the Housing Associations throughout Essex, our Borough councils and a number of private landlords Reyfields are able to supply a rapid response service entailing the deployment of a specially trained covert surveillance team to the problem area. Video and audio evidence secured by our teams which can be presented in VHS format for Court or Hearing applications.

Anti social behaviour activities are today one of the UK’s biggest domestic problems and as such and indeed as in the recent announcement from the Home Secretary’s office can no longer be tolerated with unacceptable levels of under age drinking, loutishness, verbal abuse, foul language, drug dealing, drug abuse, criminal damage, aggressive behaviour, excessively loud music, intimidation, physical assault and property theft and with the and the current and indeed new effective restraining and enforcement laws this clearly is the only way forward to effectively address intolerable situations.

As well as on site covert video surveillance operations Reyfields are also able to install covert video cameras with time lapse VCR recording systems in host occupied or unoccupied properties belonging to the client and near to the particular problem areas. In some cases this type of surveillance, especially if it needs to be protracted is very cost effective in the long term.