Industry Services: Manufacturing

For over 25 years, Reyfields Investigators have acted for many manufacturers in a number of different areas.

From suspected internal theft and pilfering, undercover operations, employee contact breaches, infringement of patent, copyright or trademarks and de-bugging surveys, Reyfields Investigators have always acted promptly and with the utmost discretion and integrity leaving you to do what you do best.

Because time is money, Reyfields Investigators are also able to provide a ‘rapid response’ employee absentee investigations service again with total confidentiality.

Many clients instruct Reyfields Investigators to undertake surveillance upon employees who regularly take time off sick, leading to our clients suffering a loss of production, problems in meeting supply deadlines and other such matters.

Discreet surveillance upon a suspect will establish his or her activities whilst claiming to be unfit for work.

When video evidence is secured it is submitted to our clients with very detailed reports which will show whether our client has need to be concerned.

Another area in which Reyfields Investigators are able to assist manufacturers is through transport and distribution security investigations in relation to stock theft in transit.

Loss of stock whilst in transit is common and costs manufacturers millions of pounds every year.

Reyfields Investigators can investigate possible driver and warehouse staff conspiracy to theft and undertake discreet surveillance upon drivers.

Reyfields Investigators have a very high success rate in securing evidence on suspected theft conspiracy cases so that our clients can take action.