Code of Ethics

Reyfields Investigators follow a strict code of ethics which we abide by at all times.

To perform all professional duties in accordance with the highest moral principles and never be guilty of conduct which will bring reproach upon the profession of the private investigator.

To verify the credentials of the clients and that they have lawful and moral reasons to instruct an investigation.

To respect the privacy of clients and their lawful confidences.

To ensure that the services are adequately secure to protect privacy and guard against inadvertent disclosure of private information.

To ensure that all employees and persons paid to assist in investigation adhere to this code of ethics and accept responsibility thereof.

To conduct all investigations within the bounds of legality, morality and professional ethics.

To respect the best interests of our clients by maintaining the highest standard of proficiency and reporting to our clients all the facts ascertained whether they are advantageous or detrimental, with nothing being withheld from the clients save by dictates of law.

To observe the principles of truth, accuracy and prudence.

Remember – you should choose your private investigator with the same care you choose your doctor or lawyer.