Corporate Services: Absentee Employee

In this field Reyfields operate a tailor made specialist service to clients who have concerns relative to a particular employee or a number of employees who are taking unacceptable lengths of time off work claiming to be sick.

The persistent absentee employee costs companies a great deal of money with even some paying an employee off sick his or hers full time salary or part of their employment package.

Our experience over the many years we have been engaged in this form of investigation is that the client and employer are usually right in their suspicions that a particular individual is believed to be actively engaged in secondary employment on his own account whilst off sick and obviously whilst receiving the benefits of his employment with an employer.

Evidence is gathered by our investigation team by way of covert surveillance and discreet mobile following and appropriate video evidence is secured, which is then passed over in a full and detailed report to the instructing client.

Our investigators have often attended Industrial Tribunal Hearings to submit their evidence, should of course the matter go to that level however, it is our experience that the employee having been confronted with evidence leaves of his own accord.

As well as commercial organisations, Reyfields have been representing and indeed acting for a number of Government Agencies in this field.

If you require any further details concerning this particular service, please do not hesitate to contact us .