Special Investigative Consultant


Established in March 1973 Reyfields Investigators remain one of the UK’s foremost investigation companies with a history of excellence.

Reyfields Investigators pride themselves on supplying a very wide range of specialist services ensuring total confidentiality, discretion and integrity at all times.

With backgrounds of military intelligence, government intelligence agencies, the police and the insurance industry each of our team members are very highly trained and professionals in their own right.

Reyfields Investigators follow a strict code of ethics which we abide by at all times.

Our Code of ethics continues those those laid down by the Association of British Investigators, the profession’s trade body of which our Managing Director was previously a long standing member.

Birth Parent Tracing

This service is one of our areas of expertise, and one we specifically specialise in. Over the last 20 years we have assisted many clients to trace both their birth Mother and birth Father.

It is a particular service we are very proud of and get a great deal of satisfaction in being able to help clients in this very sensitive area, ensuring our investigations and researches are always conducted with the upmost discretion, confidential tailor made service.

Being mindful of costs, we are also very aware that some clients although being desperate to find their birth Mother and Father, are not always in a position to pay out sums of cash to finance the work, and we have therefore been able to supply an initial free starter service to clients, to check out what information the client holds is sufficient for us to start the work on, and then without any obligation to the client, undertake initial research, duly reporting back to the client how we consider our success rate will be and then leave the matter with the client to decide if he or she would like us to proceed with the investigation.

Once the parent has been traced we offer an additional service whereby we will make a very discreet and direct physical approach upon the parent and on behalf of the client, identify ourselves, and tactfully enquire if the parent would be willing to be contacted by their birth child.
This direct approach and how we talk to the parent has been very carefully “fine- tuned” over the years we have been engaged on this type of work, and not once has a successfully traced parent totally rejected our approach. We then, with the traced parent, agree a time, date and place for the initial meeting to take place, or arrange a telephone or email exchange between the parent and our client.

Natural Siblings Tracing

During the course of our investigations and research relative to Birth parent Tracing we usually come across blood siblings or half- brother and half- sisters of our clients, and, these additional findings are submitted to the clients with no additional charges being incurred.


  • Surveillance for “peace of mind”
  • Employment – Occupation confirmation operations
  • Absconding ex-partner tracing
  • Co-habitation observations
  • Divorce? – Asset verification and asset tracing service
  • Background and pre-nuptial checks to ensure your partner really is the person they say they are


In this rather sensitive area Reyfields Investigators are able to offer clients a highly confidential tailor made service.

Our experience in previous cases has found that the majority of these type of investigations usually originate from individuals attempting to locate their natural parents or their natural sisters or brothers or indeed other members of their natural family.

Reyfields Investigators have a high success rate of locating the current whereabouts of family members and we can either pass the information to you to make your own arrangements or as is often the case, where Reyfields Investigators are acutely sympathetic to how difficult this can be for someone to make their own arrangements and fear rejection, contact the traced individuals on your behalf to arrange a mutually convenient meeting or mediation either in a public place or in private, but usually on common ground.

Antisocial Behaviour

Reyfields are specialists in the investigation, detection and counter measure operations for anti social behaviour activities.

Already acting for the majority of the Housing Associations throughout Essex, our Borough councils and a number of private landlords Reyfields are able to supply a rapid response service entailing the deployment of a specially trained covert surveillance team to the problem area. Video and audio evidence secured by our teams which can be presented in VHS format for Court or Hearing applications.

Anti social behaviour activities are today one of the UK’s biggest domestic problems and as such and indeed as in the recent announcement from the Home Secretary’s office can no longer be tolerated with unacceptable levels of under age drinking, loutishness, verbal abuse, foul language, drug dealing, drug abuse, criminal damage, aggressive behaviour, excessively loud music, intimidation, physical assault and property theft and with the and the current and indeed new effective restraining and enforcement laws this clearly is the only way forward to effectively address intolerable situations.

As well as on site covert video surveillance operations Reyfields are also able to install covert video cameras with time lapse VCR recording systems in host occupied or unoccupied properties belonging to the client and near to the particular problem areas. In some cases this type of surveillance, especially if it needs to be protracted is very cost effective in the long term.

House Detectives

This service is highly beneficial to a prospective house purchaser.

The old saying ‘you can’t choose your neighbours’ must these days now be changed to ‘you can choose your neighbours’.

There can be nothing worse than purchasing a new house and then a few weeks after moving in discover that your next door neighbours or indeed several of your nearby neighbours are, as the saying goes ‘neighbours from hell’.

We class the investigations we carry out as house detectives as peace of mind exercises to potential house buyers. We attend the area near to the prospective property purchase at varying times of the day and night and at weekends and if at all possible during children’s holiday periods to monitor the street activity, noise levels and the like. We discreetly interview people near to the subject property and enquire as to any effective neighbourhood watch programme in operation, the level of crime in the road and such like and also make enquiries through our local contacts including the Police with regards to the official crime rate for this particular road and area.

We also look into any anti social behaviour activities, off street parking problems and whether the road can or is used as a short cut for school runs or early morning rush to work routes .

Reyfields being members of a specialist network of professional investigators around the UK are able to offer all our clients a genuine National service relative to pre property purchase investigations at the same rate no matter where the potential property is being considered as a purchase.

For further information please contact us by email or telephone.